At SEA CON we are dedicated to providing our clientele with the highest level of utility for their investments. 

Our team strives to provide adaptive, cost-effective solutions to balance the unpredictable nature of heavy construction & property development.

We bring unique relationships with expert subcontractors to each of our projects, creating additional value & efficiency.


SEA CON is fully committed to maintaining a focused culture of strict work-site safety practices that operate in compliance with OSHA & WISHA standards. 

Learning never ends, we are dedicated to the ongoing training of our employees & the prevention of all workplace accidents. 

Protecting our employees & affiliates from the many hazards of heavy construction & property development is one of our fundamental tenets.


SEA CON believes that transparency and integrity are the foundation of any sound business model. 

Our organization is built upon distinct ethical standards that incorporate clear communication, straightforward terms, and a dedication to the overall client experience.

Our GC team brings both experience and understanding to all of our projects. We know how important it is to keep our clientele involved & informed.